Uma das musicas mais poderosas destes ultimos dias na terra… Que este seja o meu compromisso diante do Rei e do Seu Exercito.

Put on Christ – The Battle is Raging

by Laura Hackett – IHOP Forerunner Music

Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins
That he might deliver us from this present evil age…

For the battle is raging
The devil is raging
And I don’t want to be sleeping
While the battle is raging
For my spirit is willing
But my flesh gets tempted
Rise up, my soul, and start praying
‘Cause I don’t want to be defenseless

I don’t fight as one beats the air
Give me eyes to see and ears to hear

Oh God

I put on Christ
Make no provision for my flesh
Put on the whole armor of God
Leave no open door to darkness
And I take the scroll
I eat the scroll
I open up my mouth
And speak forth Your word
And I take the sword of the spirit

Blessed be the Lord my Rock
Who trains my hands for battle
Who trains my hands for war
(repeat 3x)

I don’t fight as one beats the air
I have eyes to see and ear to hear
(repeat 2x)

It doesn’t have to be a blind battle
‘Cause I have the mind of Christ